Why do we choose led flameless candles✨

Why do we choose led flameless candles✨

Why we need led flameless candles

Turn every day into a special occasion

Are you tired of repeating your life day after day? Or live your life as if it were the same day? That's a meaningless consumption of our souls, and we need something to remind us that we have the power to make a difference in our own lives.


We need special moments

Like Antoine said in Le Petit Prince, a sense of ritual is what makes one day different from other days, and one moment from other moments. To do something that does not seem so cost-effective but can greatly satisfy the psychology, that’s not kitsch, but the love of life. The excitement and surprise brought by these special occasions allow us to discover the beauty of life in the monotony day after day. We need them, just like ordinary days need a ray of light.

Various festivals are the embodiment of our pursuit of a sense of ritual, we look forward to Christmas and New Year, cause we long for a break from everyday life.


The sense of ritual

 There is a concept that needs to be clarified. The sense of ritual is not necessarily some specific behavior, nor is it a specific day or moment, but more of your attitude towards life. Reading, exercising, or cooking yourself a meal are all ways to make yourself and your life better. The sense of ritual in life is created by yourself, focus on doing one thing and stick to it, then you make it!

People who love life will make their daily life a special occasion. Why not start it from this moment! All you need to do is prepare yourself a candlelit dinner.


What you need:

  • Your favorite tablecloth, preferably white;
  • Abunch of roses or other flowers you love;
  • Champagne Goblets;
  • Iron artornaments;
  • White plates with colored rim;
  • One last wonderful item:electronic candles.

Why electronic candles? It’s obvious that they are safe. Most importantly, they are reusable, then the sense of occasion can be carried through every day. We can turn every day into an occasion.


What is the difference between a life without special occasions and a dry desert?


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